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Family values must be at the core of everything we do. Lauren will be talking about the importance of family values throughout the district but it’s more than just family values that we need to hold on to and appreciate. It’s also the value of all we have in this valley – our rich history, natural resources and our local treasures.  Treasures like our parks, museums, and educational institutions.  

Lauren wants to make sure we continue to maintain these treasures that make this Valley such a special place to live.


"We have to be talking about the need to, not only be good elected officials, educators, coaches, parents – those are important roles -- but we also need to be good neighbors and good friends. We need to respect each other’s differences and build on our common ground.  Only then will we be able to really improve the quality of life for all." - Lauren McNally



Our goal is to focus on education from kindergarten through career employment. 

We plan to accomplish by doing the following:


Board of Educations

Work with the board of educations from Austintown to Lowellville to enrich every district with state assistance. 

Creating Opportunities

Focus on partnering with workforce agencies, business associations and trade unions to provide alternative education opportunities and career paths for our children. 

Work With Leadership

Work with leaders in each city to create a regionalized, job-ready workforce. 



We plan to help all Public Government Entities. We want to make sure local money stays local. 

We plan to accomplish by doing the following:

Financial Security

Ensure all public entities that received American Rescue Plan dollars have the ability to enhance those dollars with state grant monies and programs. 

Fostering Development

Partner with quasi-public entities like the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, Economic Action Group and Western Reserve Port Authority to spur development. 


Bring together the public entities and quasi-public entities, and work towards creating regionalized infrastructure and economic development plans that capitalize on our resources. 


"I want to strengthen the relationship between the office of the State Representative and the leaders of the cities and townships in the 59th district." - Lauren McNally



Nearly 30 plus years of Columbus corruption and the Dark $$$ Donors continues to dirty up campaigns and we need a voice to expose and put a stop to the greed.


This must end. 

We need to legislate to prevent these things from ever happening again, and to dig out from them.


We can never again let $60 million dollars of bribe money for an energy buyout go to assist another state’s woes. 


Watch Lauren's Campaign rollout video

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